Service Introduction

We offer our clients higher profitability by helping them cut down on the costs for higher real estate operation efficiency and by improving client's asset value. GENSTAR Asset Management Service manages, maintains and operates of concerned properties, using our various management knowhow accumulated from our three decade long real estate management service and our comprehensive asset management system (SARA) and conduct analysis of data stored in the system to enhance our clients' asset values. Also, we provide high quality service through professional processes from regular checkup, energe usage analysis, tenant management, security, and cleaning, so that our clients can continue to be managed in a safe manner.

Main Service

Income and Expenditure Analysis (Reporting)

Offers monthly/quarterly/annual analysis and reporting of income and expenditure.

Tenant management

Improves building environment and tenant satisfaction level through regular tenant interviews.

Expenditure and tax management

Manages real estate related taxes and various costs and expenditures.

Facility and energy management

Proposes regular checkup and facility efficiency.


Contact (in charge)

Soojin Cha 02-2003-8050
Daejin Moon 02-2003-8061
Jonghwa Kang 02-2003-8155
Sanghyun Nam 02-2003-8124