Main Service


We search and secure properties to the client's requirement and establish acquisition strategies and schemes through GENSTAR's unique valuation techniques.


We evaluate client's asset value, in consideration of the property's related rights, leasing status and real estate market and financial environment and attract and secure potential buyers sourced through GENSTAR's unique database and network, all of which are used to establish strategies and schemes for real estate disposition at the most optimal price.

Main Service

Offering property lists for acquisition

Search and securing real estate properties that meet client's requirements.

Optimal acquisition and disposal price estimation

Calculating optimal acquisition price through our valuation techniques and estimating optimal disposal price in line with the real estate and financial environments.

Establishment of acquisition/disposal strategy and scheme

Establishing strategies and schemes for the most optimal acquisition and disposal prices through our valuation techniques.

Negotiation and examination of contract terms and conditions

Coordinating detailed contract terms and conditions, reviewing various contracts and other transaction negotiation schemes.

Valuation and related right analysis

Assement of physical property value, leasing status and related rights.

Contact (in charge)

Jungho Hong 02-2003-8090
Ukjin Kim 02-2003-8013

Inquiry for business

Please contact an subject matter expert in GENSTAR to resolve the issue.