Service Introduction

   We are committed to stable profitability and systematic leasing management through our knowhow that has been built on GENSTAR's unique strategic and systematic leasing management field experiences that offer zero vacancy, zero late payment and stable profits. Starting out in 1990 for the management of Samsung Life's company housing and Suseo apartment, we have accumulated our meaningful leasing management knowhow from pass-through service for W Station at Guui Station in 2014 and sub-lease service for Hope Rental Housing REITs 3 of LH. Also, we participated in public biddings of New Stay since 2015 and as of Jan 26, 2016 have been selected for operating 230 residential units, developing 9,805 units and residential leasing service for a total number of 10,035 units.

Despite the challenging market conditions around W Tower, GENSTAR signed 100% of the units after obtaining a habitation approval. We successfully maintain vacancy at 0% throughout turnovers and mid-lease terminations. Hope Rental Housing REITs 3 was another challenging project, as the units were scattered around the country, but we keep them at a 0% vacancy rate and generate stable incomes. Tapping into our real experiences, we are committed to stable income generation and systematic leasing management solutions for your properties.

Main Service

Rental Housing Leasing Management Service

Leasing Management. (New, renewal, termination, rent/management fee, late payment, performance report and other)

Offering management system

SARA-R (Our proprietary leasing management system) rent & management feel payment and nationwide New Stay vacancy checkup.


Contact (in charge)

Anna Sohn 02-2003-8163

Inquiry for business

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