Service Introduction

Project Planning & Management

GENSTAR's Porject Planning & Management Service offers development and investment service in all their related fields for property owners and investors. We provide one stop total solution from feasibility analysis of concerned land or buildings acquired via facility development or acquisition, project planning and management to operation after building construction and disposal of properties.

Main Service

Environment analysis

Human environment, physical location, market environment analysis and analysis of related rules and regulations.

Cash flow analysis

Profitability analysis of development and operation cash flows and sensitivity analysis.

Investor tapping

Checking with Institutions, companies, individual investors.

Creation of a consortium (FI, CI, SI)

Creating a consortium (financial investor, construction investor, strategic investor) defined by the type of risks and risk appetites to confirm project development structure.

Project planning establishment

Establishing the most optimal alternative through the highest and best use and project planning through concept analysis.

Permit & approval and related work

Dealing with the relevant government bodies through architects and professional permit & approval service providers, establishing permit & approval strategies.

Project cost management

Management of completed amounts appropriate to the project cost budgets.

Contact (in charge)

Jungho Hong 02-2003-8090
Heehyun Chae 02-2003-8159

Inquiry for business

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